You can’t clean up the environment without first cleaning up people’s hearts.
— Rah Zulu Taha, Author


Joining forces through the power of digital media, we are leading the effort to permanently protect thousands of acres of land at risk of being sold off to large developers. Our team is on the forefront of revolutionary blue/green integrated systems that will disrupt large scale food production as we know it with zero carbon emissions using a simple yet powerful bubble based solar technology. Under the protection of an Earth Rights' Covenant, these lands will be prepped for permaculture design and human occupancy that will regenerate abundance and preserve clean water, air, and food for our next 7 generations and beyond.


Our Mission

GTI Enterprises is a privately owned and operated C -corporation registered in the state of California. Our mission is to create a portal through which individuals and companies can collaborate to access and distribute all of the most innovative products, services, and events that promote personal health & well-being, social responsibility, and ego-regeneration. Our CORE values are Unity, Sustainability, & Abundance (USA). We've started here in the United States - and are going glocal - global impact through local transformation.


  • Change the global narrative on social welfare (mental, physical, and emotional health and safety) in a way that puts people and the planet first and still augments the economy by implementing a “glocal” change model that supports local communities in contributing to global social impact

  • Use a holistic health model that includes nutrition, fitness, and all of the arts to foster freedom of expression, end the national identity shaming crisis, and make space for creativity, leisure, and play for people of all ages from all walks of life

  • Create a national “spiritual competence” movement for all individuals that is based on maximizing our capacity for connectedness including reaching our individual potential, contributing to community and society, and manifesting self-love and love for others and the environment

  • Revolutionize the manufacturing, corporate services, technology, and live performance industries by collaborating with like-minded organizations to co- create content that is re-packaged and delivered in ways that produce win-win economic, social, and environmental outcomes for all providers


What Localities are represented

  • Vernon, NJ, USA
  • Amenia, NY, USA
  • Naugatuck, CT, USA
  • Tolland, MA, USA
  • Lanas de Puriscal, Costa Rica
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Oslo, Norway