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Jenny Carrington

Jenny holds an MA from Fordham University in Human Development and Social Intervention and a BA from Binghamton University in Philosophy, Politics and Law. She began studying systems theory in 2011 at the Center for the Study of Social Policy. She is an individual with an unprecedented sense of optimism and joy. She is a dancer at heart but enjoys all the creative and performing arts. She has appeared in yoga instructional videos as well as on MTV and is a certified yoga instructor. She has co-produced three multi-day music and arts festivals as well as been on staff for several others. In 2014 she founded non-profit organization Freedom2Fit, Inc. that brings yoga and holistic health to the community at large and in 2015 she began bridging this work with the social innovation portal and mindful media conglomerate that has become GTI Enterprises. Her vision is to connect entrepreneurs leading the global impact strategy as well as work with socially impactful individuals and organizations to represent their causes using high quality presentation and video materials while also recycling funds generated through mindful media back into these causes to create a closed loop. Currently she is spearheading an editorial and short film about Standing Rock called Rise Like Water: A deeper look at Standing Rock as the model for eco-villages based on autonomy and resilience while continuing to pursue her artistic passions.

Aaron Westcott

Aaron holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in motion control systems. He studied System Engineering, Signal Processing and Power Systems as well. His technical fields of expertise include: Signal processing with audio, pressure and motion systems; Gaseous Engine Controls including Ignition, Injection and Speed Governing; Systems Engineering including Requirements Design, Engineering Project Management and Systems Implementation; Real Time Embedded Controls; Printed Circuit Board Design; LED Lighting Controls and Fixture Design; and Electronic Circuit Design. Additionally, Aaron is well versed in event, mainstage, and volunteer coordination. He is currently stage manager for several production at the Thomaston Opera House in Connecticut. He is working on a patent for a lighting algorithm to create a Solar Cycle in dark spaces as well as using music to harmonize lighting using Signal Processing. His hobbies include cross-stitching, slinging sets on a stage, helping friends, and studying any kind of systems theory and implementation.



Jon lee Rucker

Jon Lee holds an Associate’s Degree of Science in the Recording Arts and is certified in Biodynamic Agriculture. He helped start the Cropsey Farm (a 200 family organic biodynamic CSA which continues to feed 200 families since 2011). In 2012 he started the Eastern Light Project  which served as an education center demonstrating suburban scale permaculture as well as a variety of health, healing, permaculture workshops. As a keys player and vocalist, Jon has also spoken to and performed music for youth elementary through college ages. He has served as an organizer against fracking, Walmart, Monsanto, Indian Point Nuclear Facility, Desalinization, etc. In 2016 he founded PermaJam, LLC and partnered with Jenny Carrington of Freedom2Fit, Inc. to produce the first of this four year prayer in the form of a permaculture festival. They are now working side by side to actualize We Are Mother Earth.