Golden Triangle Productions

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PermaJam Festival

PermaJam is a calling for a cultural revival, a return to our roots, breaking out of the mainstream that is influencing our children today. As conscious and aware humans unite, we have the power to build a harmonious foundation we can flourish on, which starts with planting seeds for our youth. PermaJam is an experiential community that provides multigenerational wisdom, tools and skill sets our children need to grow and future generations need to prosper.


Rise Like the Water

A film and art project documenting the quest for sustainable community living in America and abroad. A true life story of charity, friendship, hardship, and the adventure of a lifetime in progress for a band of creative professionals trying to make a difference.

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Bernie Man Festival

  • Inform the non-partisan and/or apathetic voter constituency in NJ and CA about Bernie Sanders’ platform
  • Incentivize existing Bernie Sanders supporters and “bern-a-maniacs” to register and vote in the NJ and CA primary race on June 7th which is considered a “tipping point” for his nomination
  • Leverage the strengths of community engagement and creativity to host an epic Memorial Day Weekend event that unites Bernie compatriots all over the nation and promotes individual campaign contribution through recreation
  • Use music as the orchestra of hope to support living in harmony and educate the population at large about the necessity of putting people, peace, and the planet first


Artists putting community first.

This event is about recognizing and supporting artists of all genres that are fueled by love. We are determined to create a marketplace for the freedom of thought and expression. Come out and celebrate with some of the most driven individuals sharing their passions with the community. The wealth is in the wonder. Let's discover it together!